Exciting News to Kick Off 2018!

Exciting News to Kick Off 2018!
I hope everyone has been having a great start to the year. Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA lately, winter has been brutal on my family’s health and we are just trying not to be sick anymore! I guess that happens though and I cant complain too much. Even through the coughs and sneezes, I’ve been pushing on and wanted to share some awesome news with you. This past December I was nominated not once, not twice, but SIX times to participate in the The Print Swap by Feature Shoot! Needless to say I was totally blown away and incredibly grateful that my work had an impact on them to be nominated. Although I didn’t get to see the opening at ROOT studios in Brooklyn (stupid Bronchitis!), 3 of my photos may be chosen to be included as part of the 10th Anniversary edition of the Month of Photography Los Angeles! This was a wonderful way to put a transformative year to rest in 2017 and again I just want to say thanks to all. As a way to celebrate and say thanks, anyone who wants to get a print of one of these images can do so for just $10 plus shipping and handling through the month of February.  Check out the finals below and let me know!
As we are moving into February, my time is starting to fill up for booking. If you are interested in getting any photography or creative work done, please send me a DM or email and let’s get you in the books! Be it personal portraits, professional portraits, events, weddings and anything in between, shoot me a message and let’s make something awesome! I’m open to working with all types of budgets and locations. Also, if you know anyone who may be interested in this, please feel free to forward them my contact info or point them to my website at www.dasmiguel.com  Also if you have an older film negatives or photos you want scanned or retouched, shoot me a message and I’d love to help you out on that too!
Thanks again for all your support and see you out there 😃